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February 24, 2016 / no comments, on Petrol Trimmer

52CC PETROL STRIMMER GARDEN GRASS BRUSH CUTTER TRIMMER - FREE TOOL KIT + MOREDescription: The 52CC PETROL STRIMMER GARDEN GRASS BRUSH CUTTER TRIMMER – FREE TOOL KIT + MORE has a 52 cc engine that develops 2.2kws of power at 7500 rpm. This unit comes with a brush cutter, two spool drums, a tool kit and a fuel oil mixing bottle along with an instruction manual. There is also a harness that operators use to support the unit while edge trimming  and brush trimming. The unit weighs 11kg’s and most consumers appreciate the harness supporting the weight instead of holding it with your arms.

This is a two stroke engine, which means you must mix oil and fuel in a mixing bottle before adding the fuel mixture to the engine gas tank. Follow the instructions to ensure that you have the correct fuel to oil mixture.

There is also a plastic edge guard to prevent objects from being ejected in the direction of the operator. never operate any edge trimmer without this safety feature.


  • 52 cc engine
  • 2 stroke
  • 2.2 KW 7500 RPM
  • Split Shaft Design
  • Brush Cutter included
  • 2 times strimming spool attachment included


  • Drive type: Split Shaft
  • Max power: 2.2 kw @ 7500 RPM
  • Displacement: 52 cc
  • Harness: Included
  • Tool Kit: Included
  • Fuel Mixing Bottle: Included
  • Brush Cutter: Included
  • Extra Strimming Spool: Included
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Fuel: 2 stroke fuel – oil mixture

Customer Review Summary

Customer ratings on one site averaged 4.2 out of 5 with over 150 customers leaving a review. Ninety eight customers left a 5 star review while thirty nine left a 4 star review.

Most customers, especially women, were extremely satisfied with this trimmer. They found it easy to unpack, limited installation required and easy to mix the fuel. One customer who was very happy with the trimmer mentioned that the instruction booklet did not mention the need to prime the engine first. Once this was completed, it started easily and worked well.

Some customers who still rated the product highly mentioned that the harness was a bit difficult to figure out and the unit was a bit heavy to use without the harness. Once they got the harness connection figured out they found it easy to use and support was fine.

Customers who reported a critical review were concerned about the harness not working properly or they had difficulty installing and connecting it to the trimmer. Several found it hard to start and reported that they just could not get it started. Perhaps this was a priming issue as mentioned earlier.

As with any power tool safety is a big concern. Ensuring that the spooling device is securely installed before starting the engine is extremely important. The spool can spool out cutting chord very quickly potentially causing injury if the operator is not careful.

The bush trimmer is a sharp powerful cutting tool. Always were protective footwear and eye protection when using this device.

Many customers mentioned that the instruction booklet could be much better and provide clearer directions. This would be helpful for consumers who have never used a trimmer.


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