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February 10, 2016 / no comments, on Corded Lawnmowers

BLACK & DECKER 1200W EDGE-MAX LAWN MOWER WITH 32CM CUT/ 35L BOXThe BLACK & DECKER 1200W EDGE-MAX LAWN MOWER comes with a 1200 watt electric motor. It needs to be plugged in to a power outlet and does not have batteries. It is relatively small with a 32cm cutting width making it easy to maneuver around objects in your yard. The lawn mower only weighs 10kg making it easy to carry and also store. The handle also folds down to facilitate storage in smaller locations. The grass catcher will hold 35 L of grass cuttings and comes with a see through window for operators to determine how full the bag is. Consumers who have purchase this lawn mower appreciate the small foot print and easy storage features.

Description: Another feature of the BLACK & DECKER 1200W EDGE-MAX LAWN MOWER is the low profile deck. Mowing under shrubs and lawn furniture is easier with this particular lawn mower.

Consumers who have limited storage areas, will appreciate the low profile of this lawnmower and that the handles easily fold down. Since there is no oil or petrol in this electric lawnmower there is no concern about hanging the lawnmower on a wall or lifting it onto a shelf for storage. It only weighs 10kg’s!

The bag full window also helps operators determine when they need to empty the grass clippings. Note that grass clippings should not be left in the grass catcher. The grass clippings can begin to ferment and create quite a smell in your garage or storage shed.

There are three cutting heights and most consumers have been satisfied with these three adjustments, however a few reviews did indicate that the lawnmower could not be adjusted low enough.


  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • 32cm cutting width
  • Grass catcher holds 35 L
  • Push mower with quick release engine shutoff


  • Drive type: Push mower
  • Max power: 1200 watts
  • Cutting heights: 20, 40, 60, 80 mm
  • Height adjustment: yes
  • Cutting width: 32cm
  • Collection box volume: 35L
  • Bag fill indicator: yes
  • Handle height Adjustment: yes
  • Weight: 10kg

Customer Review Summary

Consumer reviews are generally positive with a rating of 7.8 out of 10. consumers indicated that this BLACK & DECKER 1200W EDGE-MAX LAWN MOWER is light and easy to maneuver. Grass cuttings are easily collected in the rear bag and the clear grass indicator window is considered helpful by many operators.

They appreciated the ease with which it folds down and that is is easy to store. Many have small storage areas, so this is an important attribute for them. It is also relatively inexpensive for the money compared to other lawn mowers.

A number of owners mentioned that the lawn mower could not be adjusted low enough to suit their needs. Others found that in heavy grass situations, they had to proceed more slowly or they would not be able to have a nice smooth surface cut to their lawns.

Several consumers mentioned that the grass catcher did not catch all of the grass and that the machine did not work well. However the majority rated it highly, better than their previous petrol lawn mowers.

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