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Black & Decker 1600W Edge-Max Lawn Mower with 38cm Cut 45L Box

March 10, 2016 / no comments, on Corded Lawnmowers

Black & Decker 1600W Edge-Max Lawn Mower with 38cm Cut 45L BoxThe Black & Decker 1600W Edge-Max Lawn Mower with 38cm Cut 45L Box comes with a bag full window that lets you see when the bag is full or when you need to compact the grass in the bag so you can keep going. The compactor pushes the grass inside the bag to the back of the bag and allows you to continue cutting grass instead of stopping more often to empty it. The E drive with high torque is designed to deal with tall or damp grass and not stall. It also comes with the EdgeMax feature that allows close cutting to walls, shrubs and garden edging.

Description: The Black & Decker 1600W Edge-Max Lawn Mower has a  38cm wide cut and a 45L box. This is an electric push type mower which can also be adjusted to one of 6 different cutting heights from 20 to 70 cm’s. It weighs 16.7 kg’s and has folding handles for easy storage. Consumers can also store the 14m electrical cable on the handles when not in use.


  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • 38cm cutting width
  • Grass catcher holds 45 L
  • Soft touch technology adjust cutting height with a single touch
  • Electric push mower


  • Drive type: Push Type
  • Engine: 240 volts
  • Max power: 1600 watts
  • Deck: High Impact PP
  • Folding Handles: Yes
  • Padded Handles: No
  • Cutting heights: 6
  • Height adjustment: 20 to 70 cm’s
  • Cutting width: 38 cm’s
  • Collection box volume: 45 L
  • Bag fill Indicator: Yes
  • Front/Rear wheel: Yes
  • Weight: 16.7 kg

Customer Review Summary

At the time of writing this post there were 34 reviews with 19 of them rating this lawn mower 4 or 5. There were 4 people who rated it a 3, 3 people rated it a 2 and 8 people rated it a 1 out of 5. We will summarize some of the positive and negative comments.

Consumers mentioned that it was relatively easy to remove from the shipping container and complete the necessary assembly. A couple had some difficulty with the assembly process. While most operators found that it did a good job cutting and collecting the grass clippings, several had problems. Consumers with smaller lawns seemed to be more satisfied that owners with large lawns.

Reviews ranged from “magnificent mower” to “worst Black and Decker lawnmower yet”.

Several owners mentioned that the lawn mower did not do a good job of cutting the grass and collecting it in the grass catcher bag. They needed to make several passes to clear all of the grass cuttings off the lawn. This was a major drawback for quite a few owners as was the difficulty in attaching the grass catcher box to the lawn mower.

At the same time, a slight majority of owners felt that this lawnmower did everything it was advertise to do and did it well. They were extremely happy with the Black & Decker 1600W Edge-Max Lawn Mower and rated it a 4 or 5. One owner rated it a four because he was comparing this mower to a self propelled unit. This lawn mower is a push mower and he found it a bit heavy to push. There is also a carry handle on the top of the mower which consumers seemed to like.


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