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BMC Lawn Racer 17″ Self Propelled 3.75HP 4 Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower

March 10, 2016 / no comments, on Petrol Lawnmowers

BMC Lawn Racer 17″ Self Propelled 3.75HP 4 Stroke Petrol Lawn MowerThe BMC Lawn Racer 17″ Self Propelled 3.75HP 4 Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower has many features that the serious lawn care specialist will appreciate. From the self propelled capability to the easy clean capability, this lawn mower has many features that will interest consumers. The speed can be adjusted to your walking speed, the handles are padded for comfort and there is a quick release bar to stop the engine for safety. The grass box holds 40 L’s. You can use this lawnmower to mulch the grass, as a side discharge or collect it in the grass catcher.

Description: The BMC Lawn Racer cuts 17″ wide and is self propelled with a 3.75HP 4 stroke engine. It  also uses unleaded petrol in this lawn mower engine. This lawn mower has a single height adjustment lever which you can adjust to any one of the 5 positions between 20 mm and 70 mm’s. The handles fold down for easy storage by flicking the quick release connectors. Read below for a complete list of the features associated with this lawnmower.


  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • 17″ cutting width
  • Grass catcher holds 40 L
  • Large drive wheels
  • Self propelled mower with quick release safety engine shutoff


  • Drive type: Self Propelled
  • Engine: Unleaded Petrol OHV4 stroke
  • Max power: 3.75 hp
  • Rated speed: Adjustable drive speed
  • Deck: Steel
  • Folding Handles: Yes
  • Padded Handles: Yes
  • Single Lever Height Adjustment:Yes
  • Cutting heights: 5
  • Height adjustment: 25mm to 70mm
  • Cutting width: 17 inches or 420 mm
  • Collection box volume: 40L
  • Bag fill Indicator: No
  • Mulch: Yes
  • Side Discharge:Yes
  • Front/Rear wheel: Yes
  • Weight: 32kg
  • Fuel: Petrol

Customer Review Summary

At the time of writing, there were a total of 54 customer reviews. A total of 48 reviews were 4 or better. There were 6 reviews that were 3 or lower for this particular lawn mower.

Most customers found that the lawn mower worked as advertised, always started easily, easy to assemble, arrived quickly when ordered, while ground speed can be a little fast for some people.Some customers found it was difficult to start the first time, however no problems after that.

This lawn mower does not come with a roller and does leave wheel marks, however most people were totally ok with this. If you would like striped marks on your lawn with no wheel marks, look for a rear roller based lawn mower.

Consumers also like the water hose attachment for cleaning the underside of the deck. If you use this feature on your patio, wait until the grass has dried. It is much easier to sweep up. Personally I would just wash it on the grass. No need to sweep and your grass gets some water.

The single most significant problem a small number of customers had was that this lawn mower was difficult to start and threw clumps of grass out the discharge or got clogged while cutting the grass. There was no indication regarding the conditions that were encountered e.g. wet grass etc.

All grass catchers and mulchers work best when the grass is dry and you are trimming about an inch to two inches.

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