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February 17, 2016 / no comments, on Petrol Lawnmowers


The Draper 08401 is a 4 horsepower petrol lawn mower with a cutting width of 400 mm or 15.7 inches. This lawn mower comes with all of the safety features including automatic shut off when you let go of the handles. It is a push mower i.e. it does not have a drive system, The rear wheels are larger than the front wheels to accommodate the 50L grass catcher bag.  Larger rear wheels provide additional strength and flexibility for turning and maneuvering around various obstacles in your yard such as shrubs, gardens and even playground equipment.

Description: This particular lawn mower is ideal for large lawns in the 450 square meter range. The larger cutting width makes fast work of larger lawns. The engine is a 4 stroke engine. There is no need to mix gasoline and oil as in two stroke engines. The engine generates 4 horse power. Speed control is provided by the typical throttle / choke system. Operators can set the cutting height to one of ten height levels to enable that perfect lawn for every home owner. Many home owners allow their grass to grow longer  in dry conditions and shorter during higher moisture conditions. The chassis is made of steel providing a rugged housing. The handles fold for storage purposes.  It weighs 31.5 kg making it more difficult to move or carry. Since this is a petrol engine powered lawn mower it also cannot be hung on the wall like an electric lawn mower.


  • Adjustable cutting heights – 10
  • 400mm  cutting width
  • Grass catcher holds 50 L
  • Push mower with quick release engine shutoff


  • Drive type: Push Mower
  • Max power: 4 HP
  • Displacement: 118
  • Cutting heights: 25-75 mm
  • Height adjustment: 10
  • Cutting width: 400 mm or 15.7 inches
  • Collection box volume: 50L
  • Bag fill Indicator: No
  • Weight:31.5 kg
  • Fuel: 1.5 L

Customer Review Summary

The DRAPER 08401 400 MM 4-HORSEPOWER PETROL MOWER had 7 reviews out of 10 at the time of writing this post with a 4 or better consumer rating.

Operators found this lawn mower easy to assemble when it arrived at their home. Some operators also mentioned that it does not come with oil for the engine. Make sure you purchase and install the correct oil for the engine before trying to start it.

It is also easy to start and the engine provides sufficient power for all grass cutting situations. Several customers mentioned that they might have considered a powered lawn mower instead of this particular model. They found it a bit heavy to push especially when the grass catcher bag was nearing capacity. They still rated this lawn mower highly even with this comment.

Several consumers had problems with the lawn mower and chaffed at the delay getting repairs and parts. They made their purchase via an online site and found that it was somewhat difficult to obtain a fast response. They still liked their lawn mower when it was running. One consumer broke the starter chord and another could not start his after 3 weeks of operation.

Overall consumers are satisfied with their purchase, although some mentioned that if they were making their purchase now they would upgrade to a power drive system to help deal with larger rolling lawns.

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