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Trueshopping 139cc Petrol Lawnmower 4 Stroke 4 Wheel Rotary Garden Easy Start High Quality Lawn Mower 16″ 2.5KW 3.5HP

January 31, 2016 / no comments, on Petrol Lawnmowers


The Trueshopping 139cc Petrol Lawnmower comes with a 4 stroke standard 3.5 horsepower engine with the trademark  4 easy start capability. It has a  16″ cutting width to make short work of your lawn, while not taking too much storage room in your garage or storage shed. The engine generates 2.5KW or  3.5HP of power to help you deal with even the toughest lawns. For more information on this product, click here. A more complete description with features and specifications included follows:

Description: The Trueshopping 139cc Petrol Lawnmower 4 Stroke 4 Wheel Rotary Garden Easy Start High Quality Lawn Mower 16″ 2.5KW 3.5HP has an easy start primer operated starting system to enable easy starting every time. Each wheel can be adjusted to individually to enable various heights to suit your exact requirements for your lawn. Adjustable wheel height allows consumers to have longer grass during dry periods and shorter cuts during high moisture situations.

Operators can adjust the throttle speed to match the speed of cutting and thickness of the lawn to manage the load on the engine and your walking speed. This provides consumers the ability to deal with many different situations although most will be able to set the throttle to one engine speed level for the average lawn.


  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • 16″ cutting width
  • Grass catcher holds 45 L
  • Large 6 inch wheels provide low moving resistance across the lawn
  • Push mower with quick release engine shutoff


  • Drive type: hand push
  • Max power:2.5KW / 3.5HP
  • Rated speed: 2800rpm
  • Displacement: 139cc
  • Cutting heights: 25-55mm with 3 grades
  • Height adjustment:4 Wheels Individual adjustment
  • Cutting width:400mm(16″)
  • Collection box volume: 45L
  • Front/Rear wheel: 6/6inch

Customer Review Summary

Consumers report that this lawnmower is good value for the money. Although much less expensive than other models it delivers and meets the expectations of the reviewers. One reviewer mentioned that the lawn mower started easily the first time he tried it. It was relatively small being only 16 inches wide, and easy to store when not in use.

Customers with larger lawns may want to consider other units that have wider cutting width to help them manage the time required to mow their lawns.

The large six inch wheels provide low resistance when pushing the lawn mower across the lawn. They also support the 45L rear bag grass catcher. Anyone who has mowed a lawn with small narrow wheels will understand how much less work it takes to push a lawn mower with larger wheels. This can be a major advantage for many customers.

Several reviewers mentioned that the lawn mower body is a plastic compound material which will not rot or deteriorate in the same manner that metal housings will. This was deemed to be a major advantage for those people who have had lawnmowers for a long period where the engine was still in good working order, but the housing had rotted away.

Although reviewers mentioned that the wheels must be removed to adjust the cutting height, they still tended to rate this lawn mower highly. For many customers once you set the height they never change it and keep their lawns cut to the same level all year round.


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